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Moving forward.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Children leaping from steps near The Louvre in Paris. For me, it captures the innocent, fearless and gleeful way we can all forge on.

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amazing photography.

Lee Rentz Photography Weblog

Backlit Alpine Larches at Crystal Lake in The EnchantmentsGolden Alpine Larches reflecting in the turquoise waters of Crystal Lake

Our goals for the two days in the Lower Enchantments were modest: we wanted to explore the shores of Inspiration Lake and Talisman Lakes, and hike up to Gnome Tarn to get the classic and oft-repeated photograph of Prusik Peak reflecting in the tarn. Distances are not long up here, so our day hikes were to be at a leisurely pace, allowing us to photograph these Indian Summer days to our heart’s content.

One hike took us to Prusik Pass. When we reached the pass, there was a cold torrent of wind funneled over this low place on the ridge. We had to put on extra layers, and we watched as the forest fires on distant ridges blew up in billows of fresh smoke. I was photographing when I heard a sudden shout of horror: one of our group…

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Beauty in the dark

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My beautiful child

Playing with fire

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What winter reminds me? – relaxing in front of the fire
It was kinda cool to watch the sparks that flew off the log when disturbed.

Fire 143
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